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Friday, 2 December 2011

Our class is writing stories! Totally one of my favourite subjects to be doing of all time! So far I've written a story about a personal happening, and a dream that I've had, want to read one of the stories? No, me either, and plus I don't want to type it. Regardless, I can't wait until I'm done, because alone with this we're making digital copies into our selected story and I think that's just the very very best! I think my writing kind of sucks but either way this should be pretty fun to try and do. Wait, why do I smell cucumbers? Okay so I'll post a passage from the story that's my favourite by far.
 "I awoke to the sounds of people talking. One was freaking out, and the other was overly calm.
'Young man, please be calm. She'll be perfectly fine.'
'How am I supposed to believe she'll be fine?! She has a gash in her stomach that barely stopped bleeding when we found her!' There was the voice that was tramatized, my boyfriend's brother, Kyle. Someone squeezed my hand gently, and I squeezed back to make them know I was awake.
'Hey, drama queens, I think she's awake.' That voice, so familiar. So familiar, it burned."
Sucks right? Alright sweet! Okay, here's another one :)
"Mackenzie, you're awake."
"No, I'm asleep Sam. Honestly, why are you here?"
Hah! Two words, so creative!
Well, that's all I'm posting today, so yeah...

Rube Goldberg!

Alright, so as of now, the class is working on designing and creating Rube Goldberg machines. A Rube Goldberg Machine, is a machine that is hand made with a series of objects doing twists and turns and crazy things all to do a simple task of something along the lines like pouring a glass of milk, or throwing something in the trash, or anything like that. We haven't started anything yet, but we will in a matter of days.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Addictions For Some Reason?

Some of the world's most famous addictions are, telephone, cell phone; via texting and calling, OCD habbits, and my addiction, computer; via Facebook, Chat Roulet, Omegle, DeviantART, and Clever Bot. Most teens in leading research are somehow attached to their cell phone or computer as a way of being sociable and interactive with the peers and people they have and want to keep contact with. This being said most adults also have problems with their child being attached to the form of comunication because they are spending too much time with that rather than getting good exercise, healthy living, and out having fun. Other reasons include spending time with family, and doing their daily chores rather than being absorbed in the computer and phone lifestyles.

Facebook in this sense is the number one most prophitted and most used chat site in the past two decades and most of the participants on this site are between the ages of 12 and 70 years old, making the range quite a fair bit appart. The main use of this is the teens between the ages of 13 and 19, and some even to the ages of 25, use Facebook on a regular basis. Some people consume all of their spare or free time on Facebook for whatever reason to their heart's content. This can be both healthy and unhealthy. Healthy that you are being socially active, and being involved with people some how, but unheatlhy because it can seriously ruin your posture and muscles. This can be a serious problem come future generations of children and so forth.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Perfect Killer Has No Friends, Only Targets.

So, recently I have been reading an amazing assasin book called "The Way Of The Shadows" by Brent Weeks. So far I've really enojoyed it and I believe it is something that people will love if they are into action, suspense, drama, and best of all, anything to do with assasins.What this book is about, is the young Azoth. He's a guild rat, meaning he lives in the streets and is under 12 years of age. Azoth is a misphit, wanting to survive the clutches of Rat, the guild leader, who is cruel and abusive to all of the young guild members. When Azoth encounters the infamous assasin Durzo Blint, all Azoth wants is to be taken under the wing of this man as his apprentice, and to learn how to be mainly one of the best assasins the world has ever known. When Azoth gets his opportunity to join Durzo, Blint is very skeptical of this young boy, and at first declines the boy, but when Azoth porves his ability and determination, Blint decides to give Azoth the apprenticanceship or the option to be given a better home, because he believes that the life of an assasin is not the life. This is where I have gotten to so far, so when it is finished I hope that you enojoy it!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Classroom Activity Updates

So recently one of the main things we've been doing in class is learning our dacne of Michael Jackson's Thriller, that we will be preforming on Monday October 31st to multiple classrooms. This will give us a mark for our dance, so let's do our best and have fun! Another activity we're doing is the Interveiws with the recording masters of Audacity. Since doing this Alex Blouin and I have been recording our voices and experimenting with the sounds to come up with our "Cookstown Unlimited" radio brodcast featuring the interview of Justn Bieber. Yet one more fun thing we've been doing is finishing up our Science Work. We've been working hard for the past few weeks to get all our 12 questions done and ready for Monday, which is when we have our test, so be ready! Continuing with our daily acitvities we have Mr. Rowe for History the next rotary subject, of which we start on Monday, and as we work to progress toward our final year at Cookstown we all know we'll leave with bright minds and full spirited hearts as we all split up to different highschools and leave our very good friends. I believe that we will all try to stay in contact no matter where we are and what we do. A goal for the year is to fundraise for our Ottawa trip, so it costs less, so we need ideas. ideas, and IDEAS. Good luck, Cougars!

Friday, 21 October 2011

"The Limit" By Kristen Landon

The Limit by Kristen Landon is so far a suspensful story of danger and heartbreak that I am currently reading, and it is one of that I love. The main character, Matt, and his family have gone over their mysterious "Limit" and now have to begin working to get it back down to under, so that they're not in debt. Once over the "Limit" and being in debt to it you are then offered one of 4 options. Option A, B C, or D. When choosing these options you have to be careful or it may be a long term comittment that you and your family may not be willing to. When you work for your debt it is the eldest child that will go to a facility and work for it rather than parents and the younger children, and sometimes in extensive cases all children will go and the parents will be scentenced to jail time. At the moment Matt has just been told about his facility workings in option D, one that his family did not get to choose. Matt will be living in the facility and working daily until his family is at a considerable mount under their Limit, and then matt can possibly go home. The back of the cover says that Matt will unravel the secrets about the Limit, which I look forward to reading about this month. I am also attempting to read "End Of Days" by Eric Walters, and a summary of this book will be posted as soon as it has been read. 

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Secret Of Laurel Oaks

The Secret Of Laurel Oaks. A chilling story of the paranormal and mediums of this day and age, but with a thrilling story behind it. This tale takes place in the Laurel Oaks Plantation Site in Louisiana, USA. Also the only french speaking minorirty in those parts! The characters are Daphne, legend tells that she's the young slave girl who poisoned the Judge's wife and two daughters using a birthday cake in the infamous dining room. Lila, the 21st century tom-boy girl, who can supposedly hear in the still of night, the drumming and chanting of her lost African friend, Roberto. Also the side work of Gabe, Sal, Camilla, Luke, Euillie, and the Parents of Lila and Gabe. Lila finds herself and her brother in Laurel Oaks, that has rumours of hauntings and mysterious happenings, which is also the home of some unusual guests of the next world. During this time Lila and Gabe find themselves getting into things bigger than they can imagine as they begin to reveal the true story of the notorious slave girl, Daphne, and find the secret treasure that is hidden in the Maude Elberly room. Read this book to find out what happens, if this summary interests you. If anyone would like, I have the book and you are welcome to borrow it.