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Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Secret Of Laurel Oaks

The Secret Of Laurel Oaks. A chilling story of the paranormal and mediums of this day and age, but with a thrilling story behind it. This tale takes place in the Laurel Oaks Plantation Site in Louisiana, USA. Also the only french speaking minorirty in those parts! The characters are Daphne, legend tells that she's the young slave girl who poisoned the Judge's wife and two daughters using a birthday cake in the infamous dining room. Lila, the 21st century tom-boy girl, who can supposedly hear in the still of night, the drumming and chanting of her lost African friend, Roberto. Also the side work of Gabe, Sal, Camilla, Luke, Euillie, and the Parents of Lila and Gabe. Lila finds herself and her brother in Laurel Oaks, that has rumours of hauntings and mysterious happenings, which is also the home of some unusual guests of the next world. During this time Lila and Gabe find themselves getting into things bigger than they can imagine as they begin to reveal the true story of the notorious slave girl, Daphne, and find the secret treasure that is hidden in the Maude Elberly room. Read this book to find out what happens, if this summary interests you. If anyone would like, I have the book and you are welcome to borrow it.