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Friday, 2 December 2011

Our class is writing stories! Totally one of my favourite subjects to be doing of all time! So far I've written a story about a personal happening, and a dream that I've had, want to read one of the stories? No, me either, and plus I don't want to type it. Regardless, I can't wait until I'm done, because alone with this we're making digital copies into our selected story and I think that's just the very very best! I think my writing kind of sucks but either way this should be pretty fun to try and do. Wait, why do I smell cucumbers? Okay so I'll post a passage from the story that's my favourite by far.
 "I awoke to the sounds of people talking. One was freaking out, and the other was overly calm.
'Young man, please be calm. She'll be perfectly fine.'
'How am I supposed to believe she'll be fine?! She has a gash in her stomach that barely stopped bleeding when we found her!' There was the voice that was tramatized, my boyfriend's brother, Kyle. Someone squeezed my hand gently, and I squeezed back to make them know I was awake.
'Hey, drama queens, I think she's awake.' That voice, so familiar. So familiar, it burned."
Sucks right? Alright sweet! Okay, here's another one :)
"Mackenzie, you're awake."
"No, I'm asleep Sam. Honestly, why are you here?"
Hah! Two words, so creative!
Well, that's all I'm posting today, so yeah...