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Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Perfect Killer Has No Friends, Only Targets.

So, recently I have been reading an amazing assasin book called "The Way Of The Shadows" by Brent Weeks. So far I've really enojoyed it and I believe it is something that people will love if they are into action, suspense, drama, and best of all, anything to do with assasins.What this book is about, is the young Azoth. He's a guild rat, meaning he lives in the streets and is under 12 years of age. Azoth is a misphit, wanting to survive the clutches of Rat, the guild leader, who is cruel and abusive to all of the young guild members. When Azoth encounters the infamous assasin Durzo Blint, all Azoth wants is to be taken under the wing of this man as his apprentice, and to learn how to be mainly one of the best assasins the world has ever known. When Azoth gets his opportunity to join Durzo, Blint is very skeptical of this young boy, and at first declines the boy, but when Azoth porves his ability and determination, Blint decides to give Azoth the apprenticanceship or the option to be given a better home, because he believes that the life of an assasin is not the life. This is where I have gotten to so far, so when it is finished I hope that you enojoy it!